Advice for patients

This sections is for whoever may need informations about Dentistry , Implant e Maxillo-Facial subjects.

This service is totally free and the answer will be sent soon as possibile, you may also call the number 348/3133483 .

We want to remind you that a medical examination by a specialist represent the only way to get an effective diagnosis and medical treatment.

The advice given on this website must be intended only as suggestions on how to behave and what treatment should be adapted and will be provided if the applier will be able to send us the results of the requested medical exams via email or via mail; this advice has to be intended as a suggestion only.

The most complex cases of Implant Oral Surgery and Maxillo Facial Surgery, particulary if regarding the “ Fixed Teeth in One Day “ Technique with the “ All on 4™ “ and “ Nobel Guide™ “ method in edentulous patients with heavy bone atrophy of jaws will have to be examined by a Stomatology Specialist.

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